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admin September 18, 2020

Long baths, short showers, face icing, and Beyoncé (on repeat) help the Morbius actress get things done.
The rising star, 28, made waves in HBO’s True Detective and the Michael Bay Netflix movie 6 Underground. Next up: a spotlight in Armani’s campaign for My Way, the brand’s new carbon-neutral, sustainable fragrance, and an upcoming Marvel movie, Morbius, costarring Jared Leto. Here, she talks celery juice, ice massage, and meditation—all in a day of self-care.

Rise and Shine
I usually wake up around 8 a.m. if I’m not working. I brush my teeth, then run to the kitchen to start brewing my coffee as I make my celery juice, which takes a certain amount of time. I like to be alone in the morning, and even if I’m working, I’ll take an hour to myself. I’ll meditate or I’ll do some Morning Pages. And then after an hour, I pick up my phone for the first time and start seeing what’s going on in the world.

Morning Rituals
I consider my celery juice and that hour for myself part of my beauty regimen. Beyond that, I usually just ice my face. It depuffs it. I feel like it’s firmer and the ice brings back circulation to my face—and it’s also super cheap. Then I put Mario Badescu’s rosewater spray on my face to freshen up. I love the smell of it. Finally, I follow with sunscreen.

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