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Adria Arjona Has A Genius Hack For Contouring Her Face

October 6, 2021   Comments Off on Adria Arjona Has A Genius Hack For Contouring Her Face   Adria Arjona, My Way Fragrance, Press

Adria Arjona exudes a quiet confidence. It’s something I notice instantly, even though we’re speaking over Zoom and she’s thousands of miles away in Paris, where she’s staying for the next month to work on an upcoming film. Her calm aura is made even more impressive when we speak and it’s obvious that unlike most people, Arjona has stayed incredibly busy over the past two years of the pandemic: she filmed the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Morbius pre-lockdown, the newest Star Wars spin-off series in the height of the pandemic, and just wrapped the forthcoming remake of Father of the Bride, centered around a big Cuban American family (yes, she’s the bride). 2021 was no one’s year, but all signs point to 2022 being the year of Adria.

Along with her busy work schedule, Arjona is also the face of Armani Beauty’s beloved fragrance, My Way, and its newest iteration, My Way Intense (the latter being the reason for our long-distance conversation). “I tend to like woody smells mixed with a floral,” she says. “I wear My Way during the day and My Way Intense for an event or for dinner or when I want to have that armor of confidence.” Ahead, we discuss scent memories and the emotional power of fragrance, plus her go-to foundation, contouring tricks, and more.

What are the best smells in the world to you?
I think coffee is one of my favorite smells. Just waking up and having coffee… It’s like, ugh, okay, I’m going to be fine. Another one of my favorites is orange blossom. I think it’s so refreshing. It reminds me of childhood. I think it’s a happy fragrance, and coincidentally, My Way has a lot of orange blossom — hence why I love the fragrance so much.

How would you describe My Way Intense and how does it differ from the original My Way?
I think My Way Intense is like a layer of confidence. It makes me feel like a woman. It’s quite sexy, and I find it to be a really sensual fragrance. It’s very feminine with a touch of that sandalwood, which sort of gives it a lift. I think it’s very elegant. The original My Way is very joyful and inviting — an open fragrance. It smells very clean and fresh and it’s definitely a forever fragrance.

Do you have any advice for ways to embrace the spirit of travel, even if you’re staying home more than normal?
I think we forget that now thanks to the Internet, we don’t have to leave [our neighborhoods] to broaden our horizons and expand our knowledge. I think it makes us more empathetic — no, I don’t think, I know that it makes us more empathetic towards each other when we know a little bit more about our backgrounds, both culturally and personally. So, I would say read books, watch documentaries, watch movies from different countries, listen to music in Spanish, in German, in all different languages. Go to a different shop and have a conversation with that person. Have a genuine connection, even if it’s behind a mask. [I love] watching movies from different countries. Try reading books from outside of your comfort zone. Maybe instead of being on Instagram for 30 minutes, watch a documentary about Guatemala.

What are some of the biggest beauty lessons you’ve learned in your twenties?
I personally have gravitated more towards “less is more” — really embracing my natural skin, just the way I was born. I personally feel more confident that way than hiding behind a lot of makeup. It just doesn’t feel like myself. I prefer having less. Sometimes when I put on a little too much makeup, it makes me feel like I’m too much, and it makes me feel uncomfortable. But I think everything that I’ve learned is that beauty is so personal to the individual, and I think we all have to respect it and embrace it. If you feel beautiful that way, then amen to that. You do look beautiful.

Sometimes, makeup is part of someone’s culture and identity. Sometimes it’s non-existent and they feel perfectly fine without it. I think in all of my twenties, [I realized] as long as everyone feels beautiful with whatever they choose to wear or whatever the definition of beauty is for them, then that’s beautiful. I think we should stay away from judging or giving an opinion on it. If they think it’s beautiful, then it’s beautiful. You just have a different perspective.

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Adria Arjona Shares Her Beauty Secrets

January 16, 2021   No Comment   Adria Arjona, My Way Fragrance, Press

The rising star made waves in True Detective and the Netflix movie 6 Underground. Next up: a new Marvel film and a spell in the spotlight in Giorgio Armani’s campaign for My Way, a carbon-neutral, sustainable fragrance.

I like to be alone in the morning, and even if I’m working, I’ll take an hour to myself. I brush my teeth, then run to the kitchen to start brewing my coffee as I make my celery juice. I’ll meditate or I’ll do some Morning Pages. And then after an hour, I pick up my phone for the first time and start seeing what’s going on in the world.

In the morning, I usually just ice my face. It depuffs it. I feel like it’s firmer and the ice brings back circulation to my face – and it’s also super cheap. Then I put Mario Badescu’s rosewater spray on my face to freshen up. I love the smell of it. Finally, I follow with sunscreen.

I do a lot of running and HIIT workouts. But boxing is usually my go-to. I feel like I expel everything and leave it on the bag. After a workout, I have a shake with chia, ground flaxseed, maca powder, Vital Proteins and blueberries.

A bath for me is a [self-care] moment. I light a candle and decorate the whole thing. I do bath salts, lavender and essential oils. And get a good book. [But] I live in California and [to conserve water] I cannot be taking a bath every day. I mean, I could, but I would be a total asshole.

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Photos: Marie Claire Scans

I’ve just added a couple digital scans from this month’s issue of Marie Claire magazine into the gallery!

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Adria Arjona on starring in Giorgio Armani’s unretouched fragrance campaign and her bargain beauty hacks

Welcome to Beauty Bytes, a place where I chat to celebrities about all things beauty, from their favourite products to the best advice they’ve ever been given. Read on for the beauty low-down from Adria Arjona…

If you’ve not heard of Adria Arjona, chances are you’re going to see a whole lot more of the 25-year-old American actress from now on.

The Mexico City-born daughter of a Puerto Rican beauty queen and a Guatemalan musician spent most of her bohemian childhood travelling the world, before landing in New York City to pursue an acting career.

Now she’s gearing up for international success. She’s not only signed up to star across from Jared Leto in the Spider-Man spin-off Morbius. But she’s also the face of Giorgio Armani‘s new sustainable perfume My Way.

Here Arjona tells Marie Claire’s Fiona Embleton how the Armani campaign pushed her out of her comfort zone…

Fiona: Starring in an unretouched beauty campaign is groundbreaking, but also daunting. What did it feel like to show your wrinkles in a fragrance ad?

Adria: The My Way campaign was probably the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever performed in. Usually you hide behind a character or the lines that a writer has created for you. This time I decided to just be myself. I love the fact that the campaign wasn’t re-touched. I’m not a model, I’m an actress and I love to be relatable. You can see my freckles and my little smile wrinkle, and that’s one of my favourite things of the whole campaign. It tells you, ‘This woman smiles.’ To embrace and feel confident with who you really are – that’s a powerful message to send out.

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Adria Arjona on Escapist Fragrance and Playing a Cure-Seeking Doctor in Marvel’s Morbius

The actor is the face of Armani Beauty’s newest perfume, My Way—inspired by travel, even if that lately arrives in a Gabriel García Márquez book.
In a parallel universe, a video chat with Adria Arjona might have seen the actress beamed in from a faraway movie set or a beach vacation to her native Puerto Rico. That’s the benefit of having the technological means to track a life in perpetual motion. “I really grew up on a tour bus, which was this magical place full of creativity and craziness,” Arjona told Vanity Fair last year, describing her childhood on the road, alongside her father, the Guatemalan musician Ricardo Arjona. “Sometimes I’d have breakfast in Guatemala and go to sleep in Mexico,” she once put it.

But when we speak in late July, Arjona is stationed in Los Angeles, where she has lived since landing a breakout role in True Detective’s second season. “I don’t think I’ve ever spent four months in one specific place,” the 28-year-old says into the screen. Her hair is smoothed back, showing off punctuation-mark eyebrows. A thin gold necklace, in the style of an Edwardian paper-clip chain, gives our conversation the feel of a time hop.

Travel isn’t on the docket in a summer of pandemic, but it’s still front of mind. Arjona is the face of Armani Beauty’s latest perfume, My Way, billed as a love letter to exploration and shared experience. The campaign film is something of a whistle-stop tour, from flamenco in Spain to a tea ceremony in Japan. Meanwhile, the fragrance—housed in a refillable glass bottle, with a production goal to be carbon-neutral—mirrors that global impulse. Tuberose, sourced from a village near Mysore, India, melds with jasmine and Italian bergamot; notes of vanilla come from a sustainable operation out of Madagascar.

Can a perfume ease wanderlust? Or perhaps the cure arrives in a book, Arjona explains in the interview below. She shares her nostalgia-tinged reading, olfactory postcards from travels past, and how her role in Marvel’s upcoming Morbius (postponed to March 2021) resonates with the current moment.)

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