Glen Powell & Adria Arjona To Star In Action-Comedy ‘Hitman’ From Director Richard Linklater

Thursday, May 12, 2022
Glen Powell & Adria Arjona To Star In Action-Comedy ‘Hitman’ From Director Richard Linklater

DEADLINE – Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick) and Adria Arjona (upcoming Father of the Bride) have signed on to star in the upcoming action-comedy Hitman, from Oscar-nominated director Richard Linklater (Boyhood). AGC International is launching international sales on the pic at Cannes and will co-rep domestic rights with CAA Media Finance and Cinetic.

The film written by Linklater and Powell is based on a true story chronicled in a Texas Monthly article by Skip Hollandsworth. It has Powell starring as the most sought-after, albeit least trustworthy hitman in Houston. If you pay him to rub out a cheating spouse or a sadistic boss, you’d better watch out: he works for the cops. When he breaks protocol to help a desperate woman (Arjona) trying to get away from an abusive boyfriend, he finds himself living the life of one of his false personas, falling for the woman and flirting with becoming a criminal himself.

Hitman follows Linklater’s casting of Powell in films including Fast Food Nation, Everybody Wants Some!! and Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood. The project is Powell’s first as a screenwriter to be produced. AGC Studios is financing the pic, which is heading into production in October. Linklater and Michael Blizzard are producing it for Detour Pictures, alongside Michael Costigan and Jason Bateman for Aggregate Films, and Powell for BarnStorm Productions.

Linklater is represented by CAA and attorneys John Sloss and Jackie Eckhouse; Powell by CAA and Johnson Shapiro; Arjona by CAA, Anonymous Content and Goodman, Genow, Schenkman; Bateman by CAA, Lighthouse Management + Media, and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller; and Texas Monthly by CAA.

Photos: ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Special Screening

Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Photos: ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Special Screening

Adria attended the special screening and reception of Netflix’s “The Lincoln Lawyer on Monday night in Los Angeles, photos have been added into the gallery!

‘Father of the Bride’ Trailer

Monday, May 9, 2022
‘Father of the Bride’ Trailer

The film premieres on HBO Max on June 16th!

Adria Arjona On Her Most Sentimental Jewelry and Her Favorite Tiffany Piece

Saturday, Apr 30, 2022
Adria Arjona On Her Most Sentimental Jewelry and Her Favorite Tiffany Piece

VOGUE – Last week, the Tiffany & Co. Botanica: Blue Book presentation in sunny Miami invited a host of jewelry lovers to view the company’s latest dazzling collection, as well as their archive, which included none other than the iconic Tiffany Yellow Diamond. One of the most stunning guests was Adria Arjona, who donned a black dress by Tove and a glinting Tiffany Victoria diamond necklace. The actor’s love of jewels goes back to her childhood. “I’ve had my ears pierced forever,” she said.

Arjona, like many of those in attendance, was stunned by not only the amount of megawatt jewelry, but also the stories behind them. “It’s like looking at a baby and you can’t stop staring at the baby. That is what I just did with that diamond!” said Arjona about a green cuprian elbaite paraiba and diamond necklace she saw. “It is so impactfully beautiful. Pharrell’s child was there and he was in awe. Even a little kid can see it!”

And while she is an avid fan of Tiffany & Co.—who isn’t?—her love is sentimental. One of her earliest memories is of her mother’s bijoux. “My mom had a pair of favorite earrings and I would play with them while I had a bottle. She never took them off,” she says. “When I was older, I asked her [if I could] try them on and she said, ‘One day, they’ll be yours.’ When I turned 15, she gave them to me.” One of her other favorite pieces of jewelry from when she was a teenager was none other than the ubiquitous Return to Tiffany Heart Tag necklace. “All of my girlfriends had it, and it was the cool thing to have,” she says. “I’m glad I have it and I don’t have to purchase it again!”

She keeps her current favorite, a Tiffany & Co. diamond ring, with her constantly. “It is my prized possession. It is in my purse and it is with me everywhere,” she says. “I don’t trust a safety box!” Of course, though these pieces might come with a hefty price tag, Arjona notes there is an emotional tie to all things gem-encrusted. “There is something about diamonds and jewelry. It is a forever piece, and it is an heirloom for the family now,” she says. “There is poetry behind it. I’m not just buying this necklace, I’m buying it for the next 10 generations.”

Adria Arjona: Revista de Milenio’s Cover Girl For Issue No. 2

Saturday, Apr 30, 2022
Adria Arjona: Revista de Milenio’s Cover Girl For Issue No. 2

REVISTA DE MILENIOThe actress has a lot to celebrate… She is currently the most sought-after Latin American in Hollywood and is about to complete a decade of artistic career. She talks about that and more.
Adria Arjona is today the Latina with the most promising career in Hollywood, a title that doesn’t seem to matter to her. She maybe she hasn’t even noticed. She also doesn’t seem to realize how quickly time has passed when she told him that this year she celebrates 10 years of acting career. Adria has spent all this time completely focused, and to many it might seem like her success is sudden, but nothing could be further from the truth. And yes, she just appeared in Morbius alongside Marvel’s Jared Leto, which makes her one of the very few Latinas to appear in this universe; she will soon be seen in the remake of The Father of the Bride alongside Diego Boneta (directed by Gaz Alazraki) and she will star later this year in the Star Wars series Rogue One with Diego Luna.

Interviewing her was like talking to a friend, with that honesty and naturalness. During the shooting in Los Angeles at Desert Cyc, I can say that she was one of the sweetest, nicest and most cooperative people I have ever worked with, even after hours of shooting in the hot sun. Adria is someone who in minutes shows you that she knows herself and therefore knows what she wants and goes for it. Although she doesn’t usually talk much about her father, the singer Ricardo Arjona, it was funny when, while taking a picture of him in a car, a song of his was randomly played, a moment that made her very happy and she couldn’t help it. smile.

In addition to the projects already mentioned, the actress debuts as the protagonist and producer of Los Frikis, a film about the true story of some teenagers who contracted AIDS on purpose in the 1990s to escape oppression in Cuba. “I think that so far it may be one of my favorite movies, it was something magical that everyone had to see. We flew people from Cuba to film in the Dominican Republic and it was a moment where I just wanted to stay in that bubble. Seeing what life is like from another perspective was the most incredible gift. It is a movie that honestly changed my life, I am very happy that people see what this whole team created, ”she confessed to me excitedly. This is just the prologue to the successful and inspiring career that I predict and wish for Adria.

Acting in Morbius makes you a part of cinematic history. How was the preparation process and what was the greatest lesson that it left you?
The preparation was to work a lot with the director Daniel Espinoza and mold the character because Martine exists in the comics as the secretary of Doctor Morbius and in this version I am a doctor along with him. It was to make the character more intelligent, empowered and interesting, which is why I started seeing interviews of women who speak with such conviction. I talked a lot with my aunt who is a doctor in order to understand the compassion with which Martine views medicine, but it was a role that she was actually very nervous about. The greatest lesson she left me, without a doubt, would be to speak with conviction, Martine is not afraid to say what she thinks and clings to her intelligence. Sometimes because I’m embarrassed I keep quiet and now, after her, I feel safer to say what I want.

Do you see yourself reflected in Martine Bancroft?
Martine is a version of me, but much higher, I always work like this. I try to be a little more like her and I think that in the end the character was left with a side more of me after finishing the film.

What has been your most desired goal since you began your career as an actress?
There are so many moments. I turn to see the past and I think I would never have imagined reaching the point I have reached, it makes me very nostalgic. I never thought I would have this, not as a career, but as a person because I have changed so much from traveling so much and meeting the most amazing people. That’s what I’m left with, how I’ve learned so much.

Tell us about the teachings you took from your father throughout your life. How do they present themselves in your career?
They are completely different races. I always ask my dad for advice, but it’s personal, father-daughter advice, and it’s very special to me. He has helped me a lot, as have my mom and my brothers. In the end, my motivation is always to make them feel proud of me and to continue representing the Arjona family in another world, in Hollywood. I have learned a lot from him, but I manage my career in the way that suits me because at the end of the day the one who is choosing these characters is me.

You are a fusion of Latin blood: you were born in Puerto Rico, your family is Guatemalan, you grew up in Mexico and you lived in Miami…
I feel super proud to be Latina, I will always feel that way. I am a little bit from everywhere, I feel that I carry many flags with me and I have learned a lot culturally from each place. I am proud to speak Spanish, to have connections in each of these countries, and my responsibility as a Latina is to try to tell more of their stories and change the narrative.

And speaking of that narrative… how do you seek to change it for the better?
The only thing I can do is tell the story of different women and teach or reintroduce to the world what a Latina is. We are blood from different places and I think they have put us as one, that’s why when I say I’m Latina they always classify me as a woman of strong character, but I don’t think that’s true. The important thing is to be able to say that we are different and versatile women, that we are not one single thing. That is my goal and I do it by choosing projects and producing films that tell other kinds of stories.

You are a Latin icon, what impact do you want to leave on the new generations?
That if I made it, they too. I really celebrate that there are more Latin Americans in Hollywood and I am sure that right now is the time for Latinos. My advice would be don’t let anyone put you in a box, do what your heart tells you and don’t be told how to do things. Tell your story!

Your campaign with Armani Beauty has a particular focus on sustainability. What impact are you looking to achieve?
You have a responsibility in your personal life to change, and in my case not only because I am part of the brand, it goes further. It’s the small things of everyday life, for example if I go to the beach and I see garbage I start to clean it, if I see a bottle of water in the park, I recycle it. We have a house among all humanity, we must take care of it. In my personal life, I not only try to associate with like-minded people, but also to share information that I am sure can make a change on the planet.

This year you celebrate 10 years of career, congratulations! how you feel?
Wow 10 years! I feel like he feels so much longer. In this time I have grown a lot as an actress and as a person, they have been years of many opportunities, of working with incredible directors, they have not been able to put me in a box and I would like to continue like this. I want to continue working on things that make me grow, that scare me, continue giving life to characters that challenge me. Today I am sure that I want to open more doors for all that Latin American talent and make it a little easier for them than it was for me.