Morbius Star Adria Arjona Still Has Jared Leto Saved in Her Phone as ‘Doctor’

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2022
Morbius Star Adria Arjona Still Has Jared Leto Saved in Her Phone as ‘Doctor’

W MAGAZINEThe rising actress discusses working with method actor Leto, her slate of upcoming projects, and making space for young Latinas in Hollywood.
Adria Arjona, star of Sony’s latest entry into the Marvel canon, Morbius, says she only met her co-star Jared Leto once before filming. During the entire duration of filming the action-packed flick, she never saw the method actor, who plays the titular biochemist who accidentally becomes infected with a form of vampirism during an experiment gone wrong, again.

“We met before going to London, and we had a really lovely conversation. And then I show up in London [to film] and I never see Jared again, it was all Dr. Morbius,” the actress tells W over the phone from Los Angeles. “He was so in character and he was so committed to the role, which set the tone for all of us. After we wrapped, I saw him again and I was like, Oh, what’s up, Jared, we’ve been a movie together, but I haven’t seen you in months.

“I never worked with someone that completely transformed themselves. I called him Doctor on set, I never called him Jared. He always called me Dr. Martine,” Arjona goes on. “I still have him saved on my phone as ‘Doctor.’ I should probably change that.”

There was also a point when Arjona, who plays Dr. Martine Bancroft, Dr. Morbius’s scientist girlfriend and confidante, almost didn’t end up in the movie at all. At first, director Daniel Espinosa thought Arjona might be too young for the role, but the 29-year-old performer won him over in the audition room. Soon, she found herself working with Espinosa and the writers to make sure Martine would be a “fully rounded character” in the film. “You look at Martine, and you give her importance based on her intellect, and not based on the way that she looks,” Arjona says. “In Marvel movies, sometimes that’s different. In this case, she’s just a brilliant doctor. Morbius would not be where he is without Martine—she is his anchor.”

Arjona will soon have her work cut out for her with another massive franchise: Andor, a spin-off of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with Diego Luna. Of course, the actress can’t reveal any details about the Disney+ series, not even her character’s name. “I was about to tattoo her name on me because I think it’s such a cool name. And as I’m on my way, I’m like, wait, I can’t do that, what if someone asks me what it is before the series premieres?,” the actress reveals. “But I will get it at some point.” The only Star Wars tidbit she’s at liberty to share right now? “They built an entire city for us to film the series,” Arjona says.

And this summer, the actress will star in a Latinx remake of The Father of the Bride, opposite Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan, on HBO Max. Arjona will play the bride, with Garcia—to whom she became quite close during filming—playing her father. “Andy is the best advice-giver,” she says. “I know I can call Andy at any moment, and be like, should I do this?”

While many viewers have reboot fatigue, Arjona promises that this revival of the 1990s classic film, originally starring Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams Paisley, will give a fresh take on the original. “A lot of times, as Latin Americans traveling the world, we often get [described as being] all the same. And that’s so wrong—we cannot be more different,” the actress says. “I was raised in Mexico, my mother’s from Puerto Rico, and my father’s Guatemalan, and I spend so much time in all three places, but I cannot tell you how different my Guatemalan and my Puerto Rican family are, culturally. It’s unfair to us and to our culture and to our history to pinpoint us all as the same, so I think this movie will definitely show the differences. I hope that shifts people’s perspectives so they can really see the differences between cultures.”

As for the rest of her upcoming, yet-to-be-determined roles, Arjona just wants “to make sure that I’m opening doors for young Latin American actresses, so they don’t have to go through what I went through at the beginning of my career—I try to make choices so that the audience and the industry can see us in different lights.”

Video: ‘Morbius’ Press Interviews

Tuesday, Mar 29, 2022
Video: ‘Morbius’ Press Interviews

Photos: Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Monday, Mar 28, 2022
Photos: Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Last night, Adria attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles and photos have just been added into the photo gallery! Head over and check them out!

Jared Leto Crashes MORBIUS Interview with Adria Arjona and Director Daniel Espinosa

Wednesday, Mar 23, 2022

Adria Arjona and her dazzling look for the premiere of Morbius in Mexico

Wednesday, Mar 16, 2022
Adria Arjona and her dazzling look for the premiere of Morbius in Mexico

VOGUE MEXICOThe Puerto Rican actress set foot on Mexican soil to promote her new movie, Morbius. This was her preparation for the event.
Adria Arjona is one of the most popular Latin names of the moment. The Puerto Rican actress is in full promotion of Morbius, the Marvel movie in which she stars alongside Jared Leto . Their last stop was Mexico City , where the duo performed in their glamorous style.

In 2019, Adria Arjona commented for Vogue on her desire to play roles that synthesize the essence of ‘a woman who can be everything’. Two years later, the artist continues to achieve her goal and she is at a time when she shines more than ever. The glow up of success is undoubtedly projected abroad and her presence in Mexican lands proved it.

This is how Adria Arjona prepared for the premiere of Morbius in Mexico

“Versace, Versace, Versace was the mantra of the night,” the actress shared with Vogue. During the presentation of Morbius in Mexico, she wore a tight design with a latex finish, a piece of the Italian firm belonging to its Spring / Summer 2022 collection that she complemented with the Medusa Mini bag, Tiffany jewelry and Gianvito Rossi sandals.

Although Adria ‘s most everyday style tends to move in a much more natural way, the look she selected for her time in Mexico speaks of a woman who is not afraid to eat the world in one bite. ‘I find the power that fashion has fascinating. In the morning I was dying of nerves, I got dressed and I felt like another person. I feel that fashion gives you the freedom to express yourself and create other versions of yourself,’ she commented on preparing her for the big night.

As for her beauty look, Arjona highlighted her brown eyes with a smokey eye that drew attention to her look, while her lips, to balance, kept them nude. His beauty secret of hers for that natural glow on her skin? The actress confesses that she was Armani Beauty’s Luminous Silk Foundation, she ‘gave us the glow and the coverage we wanted’.

The styling, which evokes the spirit of a femme fatale, could only be complemented by her loose hair with a side parting and very natural finish. Ready to succeed in Mexico (and anywhere in the world), the actress left for the premiere to continue being that woman who “can be everything.”

Morbius, the new film by Adria Arjona and Jared Leto

Morbius is the most recent release of the Marvel Universe. The film deals with the story of Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), a scientist who suffers from a strange blood disease and, while searching for a dangerous cure, obtains a form of supernatural vampirism. Adria Arjona plays Martine Bancroft , Morbius’s fiancée.