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Adria Arjona: the Latin woman who conquers Hollywood

June 23, 2022   Comments Off on Adria Arjona: the Latin woman who conquers Hollywood   Adria Arjona, Father of the Bride, Gallery, Photoshoot, Press, Projects

VOGUE MEXICOThe protagonist of Father of the Bride tells us about respecting traditions, her rise to the top and what she has sacrificed to build each of her dreams.
Looking at Adria Arjona from a distance could be thought of as a Latina who defies stereotypes in Hollywood, but when you get closer, you discover that she is much more than that: ‘who knows me says that I am dedicated to my work. I like the simple things in life, like spending time with my friends, my family and always being near the water, I think I was a mermaid in another life,’ she confesses.

The eyes move away and contemplate his career, one that he has made with a lot of effort, aware of what he wants to achieve with everything he does, something that ranges from being one of the faces of Tiffany & Co. when it comes to dazzling in a red carpet, being the face of My Way by Armani Beauty, or advocating for causes that matter to you. A role that the world is currently talking about is Sophie, the protagonist in Father of the Bride , the Latin American version of that film that Elizabeth Taylor starred for the first time, and that she now has together with a Hollywood representation seal.

Adria Arjona talks about Father of the Bride and her career in Hollywood

‘ Discipline has helped me a lot in my career , but I have also sacrificed a lot: you sacrifice time with the people you love most, having a certain routine, but it’s for doing something I love: I’m disciplined, but I also like to live life, Those who know me know that I like to live in the moment and be present: I don’t like having such a structured routine, I like to let go and enjoy. In the case of Sophie , for me it is interesting because she is someone who is part of her environment, but when she leaves her house, the same thing happens to her as to many: she begins to discover herself and when she returns to her Father, you know you’ve changed. It is very similar to the experience of a migrant who leaves and makes his life far from what he always knew and who suddenly returns to his country: something changes,’ he says the actress Adria Arjona.

In her case, she goes back to her roots by wanting to help others, a bit like her father did, but she wants to contribute something, she doesn’t go the easy way. She reconnects with Latin American culture ; It was something that we talked about a lot, about who Sophie would be, how she would do it and the traditions that she would break, because she is a woman of the 21st century, her concerns are other’.

For her, the dilemmas that Sophie faces are part of daily life, but they are forgotten when we remember that we are equal, and if it is something that is shared as a couple, it becomes a kind of complicity, something vital to achieve a balance: ‘ I can’t divide myself in two, that’s my reality and that of many women, that’s why we wanted to reflect that on screen’, says the actress.

That need that she reflects as part of that character has also led her to star in stories like Morbius with Jared Leto, a production of Star Wars with Diego Luna and now she will be the producer and actress of Los Frikis , a film that will be released soon; Although she may not seem like it, there is something that unites each of these narratives: the purpose that she puts into them.

‘Every time I decide to be part of a project I think about what it means for my career, because I try not to pigeonhole myself or stay in one place . I try to think about what this project will do for me, my profession and what doors it will open to those who follow behind me. I think that for a long time, Hollywood wrote stories for Latinos and created certain stereotypes, but now it’s my turn to say ‘I don’t dress like that, I’m not like that’: I can speak like someone from Guatemala because my dad is from there, also as a Mexican because I lived in Mexico for a long time, or even as a girl from Miami because I live here.

Adria Arjona, an actress who seeks to forget about Hollywood stereotypes

‘I think it’s hard for people to understand something when they can’t pigeonhole it, but we must understand that now it’s time to write our own stories, that each of the differences of the countries that make up Latin America can be brought to life, but that we can also connect to the rest of the world through stories that touch everyone’s heart, no matter where you are. I am aware that my generation has to show that versatility that exists when we take over our narratives: we want to tell them, explore our roots and what we want to build: there is space for everyone.

In the case of Adria Arjona , her versatility is similar to her favorite element: the sea , she seeks to expand as much as she can and leave her legacy in the world of cinema as someone multifaceted and impossible to pigeonhole: ‘it is what I love most, my engine It is to show that Latin women are capable of many things, I want to do it for myself and those who come after…’

Photos: “Father of the Bride” Mexico Press Conference and Premiere

June 8, 2022   Comments Off on Photos: “Father of the Bride” Mexico Press Conference and Premiere   Adria Arjona, Events, Father of the Bride, Gallery, Photoshoot, Projects

Adria and her co-stars had a red carpet premiere in Mexico City last night for Father of the Bride, as well as a press conference earlier today. I’ve added photos from both events into the photo gallery.

Photos: ‘Morbius’ Mexico Premiere

March 11, 2022   Comments Off on Photos: ‘Morbius’ Mexico Premiere   Adria Arjona, Events, Gallery, Morbius, Projects

Adria attended the premiere of Morbius in Mexico City last night and I’ve added 29 high quality photos into the photo gallery. Head over and enjoy!