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‘Hit Man’ Official Teaser Trailer

January 22, 2024   Comments Off on ‘Hit Man’ Official Teaser Trailer   Adria Arjona, Hit Man, Projects, Video

This morning, Netflix released the official teaser trailer for the comedy Hit Man before the film’s world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival today.

Netflix is set to release the film on June 7th!

Richard Linklater’s ‘Hit Man’ to Open Morocco’s Marrakech Film Festival

November 2, 2023   Comments Off on Richard Linklater’s ‘Hit Man’ to Open Morocco’s Marrakech Film Festival   Adria Arjona, Hit Man, Projects

VARIETY – Richard Linklater’s action comedy “Hit Man” is set to open the Marrakech International Film Festival, which has announced its lineup of more than 70 films mixing known titles and fresh fare.

The fest is forging ahead with its 20th edition, which will run Nov. 24- Dec.2 in the ancient Moroccan city despite the Israel-Hamas conflict that has caused cancellations of several other fests in the region, as well as the earthquake that hit the country in September.

“Hit Man,” for which organizers declined to specify whether talent will attend, will screen as part of Marrakech’s red carpet gala screenings. Italian director Matteo Garrone is expected to make the trek for the gala of his Venice prizewinning immigration drama “Io Capitano” and Michel Franco will be coming to present another Venice prizewinner, “Memory,” starring Jessica Chastain, who is presiding over the fest’s main jury.

Also expected on hand for a Marrakech gala launch are “The Mentalist” star Simon Baker with Australian director Ivan Sen’s politically charged “Limbo” and Alexander Payne for the Middle East launch of his 1970s-set comedy “The Holdovers” starring Paul Giamatti. Moroccan director Faouzi Bensaidi will present “Deserts,” his slapstick take on the Western genre involving two Casablanca debt collectors.

The jury will award Marrakech’s Étoile d’Or to one of 14 first- and second-time feature films in the competition, which is dedicated to the discovery of global talent.

Richard Linklater’s Hit Man Gets Inside the Mind of a Faux Killer for Hire

September 1, 2023   Comments Off on Richard Linklater’s Hit Man Gets Inside the Mind of a Faux Killer for Hire   Adria Arjona, Films, Gallery, Hit Man, Press, Projects

Film Productions > 2023 | Hit Man > Stills

VANITY FAIRThe director and Glen Powell team up for this noir action-comedy based on a true story about a man with many personas.
Texas Monthly’s October 2001 piece “Hit Man” found an immediate fan in writer-director Richard Linklater, captivated by the story of Gary Johnson, a supposed contract killer in Houston who was actually working with law enforcement. The colorful piece by Skip Hollandsworth portrays a man who was a master of disguises and creating characters in order to convince his clients that he was a cold-blooded killer for hire. “I love this character, but I wasn’t sure of the movie,” Linklater, a Texas native, tells Vanity Fair. “We’ve got a great character, great incidents, great moments, all these great characters, but I didn’t know if it really went anywhere.”

Linklater, who previously adapted another Hollandsworth article into his 2011 black comedy, Bernie, starring Jack Black, loved the strange, funny situations Johnson would find himself in, but he wasn’t ever able to figure out a third act for the story. “I’d had meetings on it over the years and stuff, but it just never really went anywhere,” he says. “It just didn’t cohere as a story.”

Then, during the beginning of the pandemic, his friend and Everybody Wants Some!! star Glen Powell asked him if he’d ever heard of the “Hit Man” story in Texas Monthly. They started spitballing ideas and had their epiphany: The story could go a new, fictional direction based on a small moment toward the end of the article. Finally, they had their third act, and built a genre-bending film that is at times noir, comedy, romance, and thriller. And with a complicated character at the center of it for Powell to dig his teeth into as a leading man, Hit Man also explores deeper themes. “It seemed to be all about identity,” says Linklater of Hit Man, which will debut at the Venice International Film Festival on September 4. “He’s playing these characters, he’s undercover. Who is he?”

“In law enforcement circles, he is considered to be one of the greatest actors of his generation, so talented that he can perform on any stage and with any kind of script,” Hollandsworth writes in his article. He describes Johnson as a chameleon who is able to shift his characters based on the type of client he’s meeting. The sting was simple: Johnson would meet with a potential client and get the client to verbally confirm they were hiring Johnson to murder someone. Their entire conversation would be recorded, and used as evidence. After Johnson left the meeting, the client would be arrested.

For Powell, who cowrote the script with Linklater, the dark comedy, which is set in New Orleans, was an opportunity to play a character who was often playing a character. Sometimes “there was just a whole blurry line between Gary and Ron, which increased over time,” says Linklater.

In the film, “Ron” is one of Johnson’s personas that he uses when meeting a potential client. He’s Ron when he meets a beautiful woman (Adria Arjona) who wants her controlling husband killed. But Gary feels sympathetic toward her, and advises her to leave him rather than have him killed. From there, Gary—still pretending he’s Ron—is pulled into a complicated ruse when he continues to interact with the woman and their lives get more and more entangled.

Ron, a charismatic, confident man with a dark side, couldn’t be more different than Gary, a mild-mannered teacher in his real life, when he’s not moonlighting as a cold-blooded killer. “Glen, the thorough professional he is, was reading books on body language and he thought Ron would walk a little different than Gary, and he also had a lot of fun with the accents,” says Linklater. “Every movie needs something that’s kind of difficult to pull off or something that seems especially challenging.”

As research, Linklater and Powell listened to the recordings of Johnson’s sting operations, meeting a cast of unbelievable characters who felt almost too strange to be real—and perfect for film. “We could have done a lot more of those,” says Linklater of capturing the wide range of clients hoping to take out a hit. “There’s an alternate movie that’s just all these people at that moment. These rich society ladies, with their nice dresses, sitting down in a nice hotel room talking about how to kill their rich husband they’re sick of.”

Linklater found the conversations fascinating because the clients were having these life-and-death discussions “so matter of factly,” he says. “It’s almost like they’re all acting in their own little crime movie when someone’s suddenly working with a mobster. I thought it was all so dark and funny in the strangest way.”

Linklater was also able to speak with Johnson on the phone while working on the script. For being an undercover hit man, he was surprisingly well-known, attending court proceedings and being featured in news articles. “It was like two different worlds,” explains Linklater. “People that are doing the hits aren’t reading the paper.”

Linklater describes Johnson as “the chillest dude imaginable” who had no issues with his story being told in a film. “He was just the most nonplussed guy,” he says. “We would talk about baseball or something, but he was a man of few words actually.”

When Linklater was about to start filming, he tried to reach out to Johnson again to let him know it was finally happening. But when he couldn’t get in touch with him, he found out from Hollandsworth that he had died.

But Johnson’s story lives on, even as fiction. With Hit Man, Linklater is able to go beyond a quirky framing device to look at how one individual gets lost in the many personalities he takes on, and may be able to change for the better because of it. “How much can we change? Can you change? Are we fixed as people?” says Linklater. “At times, I felt I have changed a lot. No one seems to notice.… But I think that you kind of can change. You can be better. It’s worth trying at least.”

Hit Man will debut at the Venice International Film Festival on September 4 and the Toronto Film Festival on September 11. It is currently seeking US distribution.

Adria Arjona, Wagner Moura Starring in Gerardo Naranjo’s ‘Say Her Name’

February 10, 2023   Comments Off on Adria Arjona, Wagner Moura Starring in Gerardo Naranjo’s ‘Say Her Name’   Adria Arjona, Projects, Say Her Name

VARIETY – Adria Arjona and Wagner Moura will star in the feature film adaptation of Francisco Goldman’s bestselling book “Say Her Name.” The film, which will be directed by Gerardo Naranjo, will feature a script by Goldman, while Arjona and Moura will executive produce. UTA Independent Film Group is representing worldwide rights and will be launching sales at EFM.

Naranjo is best known for directing “Miss Bala,” which premiered in Cannes in 2011, and was the Mexican entry for the Oscars and Goya awards that year. He has directed episodes of acclaimed series such as “The Walking Dead” and “Narcos,” and his latest film “Kokoloko” won Best Mexican Film at Guadalajara in 2020.

Goldman is the author of six books, including the 2022 Pulitzer Prize finalist “Monkey Boy.” He wrote the screen adaptation for HBO’s 2020 crime documentary “The Art of Political Murder,” based on his 2007 nonfiction book by the same name. “Say Her Name” will be Goldman’s second book to be adapted into a film.

The story chronicles the relationship between Goldman and his wife Aura Estrada. It follows a perpetually single novelist and journalist, who is caught off guard when he falls passionately in love. Aura is an aspiring and brilliant young writer with a wild side, who is fiercely loyal to her mother, who wants to separate Aura from Francisco and who blames him after Aura’s tragic death.

Arjona is best known for starring in HBO Max’s “Father of the Bride,” as well as for her leading role in the Star Wars series “Andor.” She also co-starred in “Morbius.” She will next appear in Richard Linklater’s action-comedy “Hitman” opposite Glen Powell and in Zoe Kravitz’s directorial debut film “Pussy Island.”

Moura earned raves and a worldwide fan base for his work as Pablo Escobar in the Netflix series “Narcos,” for which he earned a Golden Globe nomination. He will next be seen in Alex Garland’s “Civil War,” as well as in Donald Glover’s limited series “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” for Amazon. Moura’s credits include Olivier Assayas’ “WASP Network” opposite Penelope Cruz, Gael Garcia Bernal, Netflix’s “Sergio” opposite Ana de Armas and Jose Padilha’s “Elite Squad” films.

Producers on “Say Her Name” are William Horberg of Wonderful Films (“The Queen’s Gambit”), Juan de Dios Larraín of Fabula Films (“A Fantastic Woman“), and Zak Kilberg of Convergent Media (“The Mauritanian”). Russell Smith and Michael Cleaver of Convergent Media, Pablo Larraín of Fabula, Carlos Enrique Cuscó and Ari Taboada of Foton Pictures serve as executive producers, along with Laura Bickford.

“The film contains love and tragedy in equal parts. I love how Francisco and Aura’s relationship evolves from simple flirting to a meaningful universe they create together both in Mexico and in NYC, a love that changes both of their lives,” said Naranjo. “Paradoxically, it is in Mexico’s idyllic playas that Aura dies tragically. The accident moves the story towards grief in the form of memory and nostalgia.”

Naranjo added, “I’m thrilled to be working with Adria — actress, artist — who is perfect to embody Aura, the one who is not with us; and to also have the incredibly talented Wagner on board to play Francisco. I feel honored to be bringing to life the story of these two exceptional souls.”

The film is being financed by Foton Pictures, and has received a seven-figure grant from Eficine and the Mexican Film Institute.

Naranjo is Repped by Novo Entertainment. Arjona is repped by CAA, Anonymous Content, The Lede Company and Goodman, Genow, Schenkman, Smelkinson & Christopher. Moura is repped by WME, Black Rabbit Media and the law firm of Johnson Shapiro Slewett & Kole.

Photos: “Father of the Bride” Mexico Press Conference and Premiere

June 8, 2022   Comments Off on Photos: “Father of the Bride” Mexico Press Conference and Premiere   Adria Arjona, Events, Father of the Bride, Gallery, Photoshoot, Projects

Adria and her co-stars had a red carpet premiere in Mexico City last night for Father of the Bride, as well as a press conference earlier today. I’ve added photos from both events into the photo gallery.